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Title: “Cyrus”
Series: Swamp Heads #1
Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Model / Photographer: Nathan Hainline
Release: June 21st, 2016

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FAIR WARNING: This is sooooooo way different than my MC novels!! The Swamp Heads Series is an Instalove Romance, with swamp folk characters and full of weirdness. I’m not saying it’s “sappy” romance… but compared to my MC… well, maybe. But like always… it’s a mix of an Alpha with a heart for only one woman and that woman is a badass herself. That’s my style or so it seems and yes, that’s what it is…except in a swamp setting. No MC, limited cursing with no F*cks but with hot steamy scenes.

It seems like obtaining everything you want in life isn’t always what one would expect. After smashing his goal in life a little ahead of schedule, Cyrus is a little disappointed and slightly frustrated. So he heads back to his roots. Back to his family. Back to the swamp.

Bertie doesn’t need a man. She juggles enough being a business woman along with taking care of her Pa and her, so it seems, brainless brother.

With a new mission to recharge and set some new life goals, Cyrus stumbles across what is missing in his life. Connections are made and desire swirls but after an idea goes awry what happens when things are set straight? Will their love hold strong? Or will a rash decision bite someone in the butt?

Swamp Head Series – Author’s note;
Cyrus is the first novella in The Swamp Head Series; a seven book novella series based on a family born and raised in the swamp. Each sibling will get their own INSTAlove story told and even though it is a series, each book is a standalone. Come meet Cyrus and his other six brothers and sisters; Chester, Earle & Zeke (twins), Roscoe, Hallie Mae & Elsie (twins). Although they each have their own character and language, I’ve chosen to use words like Voila merde, when I mean go to sh*t, yapper for mouth, or connard when I mean a**hole, duck/effin for f*ck/f*cking… well, you get the idea. All fun and games with a bite and a little mud.