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icon“Flash Forward” A “Deeds” Valentine Bonus Scene

A valentine gift for my readers. This “Flash Forward” takes us years ahead in time to have a peek at Deeds & Lynn in the future. This bonus scene is published in the back of “Deeds”.

Copyright © 2016 by Esther E. Schmidt All rights reserved. No part of this bonus scene may be reproduced in any form, without permission in writing from the author. This content is for mature audiences only. Please do not read if sexual situations, violence and explicit language offends you.



I can’t take this anymore. Pulling my pillow across my face as I groan out loud. The chuckle beside me rumbles the bed beneath me. My arm slams back without looking. I know exactly where the fucker is and he needs to pay.

“Fuck, Lynn. Why did you do that? You almost hit me in the crown jewels there.”

“Well those stones already shined at their brightest and now we are paying for that shit.”

The pillow is ripped off my face and in seconds my hands are pinned above my head. His eyes are flaming as he leans down into my face. “Are you saying my balls are all dried up?”

Just as I’m about to comment on his balls, the door swings open. Little feet patter across the floor before they stop and a tiny little voice cracks.

“Daddy! Ummmm your butt is smiling at me. Mommy always says you’re supposed to wear jammies to bed. Did she not tell you? You have to tell him mom.”

I can’t help the giggle that squeaks out. Deeds’ eyes narrow into tiny slits but I’m not sure if it’s from the sound or my movements as my hips move slowly, teasing the hardness between my legs.

“You’re right, Archer. And I’ve told daddy a million times already. So I guess I have to teach him a lesson, now won’t I?”

“Uh huh. That’s right momma, you teach him!”

Deeds growls low in his throat. Shaking my head very slowly no, I continue talking to my son. “Could you help out your sister? I thought I heard her in the kitchen already.”

Peeking around that inked up muscled piece of manhunk that’s lying on top of me, I see my little man looking down at the rug. Probably to ignore the smile of his dad’s ass. Little bare feet, bright blue PJ’s with dinosaurs. Dirty blond hair standing out in every direction. His loveable voice falls into a little whine.

“But momma, Esmee sent me to get you both.”

Yes. I am gonna kill my daughter. That little witch. She knows damn well to let us sleep on a Sunday instead of waking us up early. We have an agreement, she can go out on Friday with her friends to the movies. (With one of the brothers tagging along of course, I’m not stupid!) So in return she looks after Archer on Sundays until I wake up. I can at least have two hours of extra sleep and they get some quality time. Let’s be honest… that’s a pretty good deal for a teenager.

These last few weeks I’ve needed those two hours extra. Something’s up with Esmee, I knew the second I heard her slamming those pots around in the kitchen. Teenagers, how I loved to be that age. Way back when… I stood up against everything and everyone and seriously right now I’m getting that shit shoved back in my face to relive the hell I created for myself. Fucking daughter from hell. It’s the Deeds’ genes I tell you. That’s what’s spiked the annoyance in the awesomeness.

“I’ll go. You stay, and I’ll bring you some coffee.” Deeds slides his nose along my chin.

Touching asshole. Even he sees it for what it is. His genes in the mix are to blame.

“Never mind. I’m awake now. I can’t drink your coffee it’s like diesel. Too damn strong. The kind that grows hair on your chest. I don’t need hair on my chest. Besides that, it’s your fault I have to drink decaf. For the third time in my whole freaking life.”

I groan at the distaste of that little fact.

“Oh, love. Why keep blaming me when it’s you who have me hooked. You’re the one who clamps down and squeezes the…”

I yank my arm out from underneath his hold and slam it down over his mouth. “Tiny ears! Little man standing right the fuck there, daddy.” I whisper growl.

He chuckles underneath my hand then swirls his tongue against my palm. Yikes. That makes me pull it back and dry it off on the covers.

“Mommies can’t say fuck, hotlips.” He throws me a smile while his eyes twinkle. Darn that man.

A little voice from right next to us says, “Mom, what clamps down and squeezes….”




“Oysters, Archer, oysters. Daddy is hungry. Come on, sweetheart… Let’s go harass that sister of yours.”

I try to wiggle out from underneath Deeds but his hand is still holding on to one wrist while his body is pressed into me. He leans down next to my ear. “Can I have your oyster for breakfast?”

Gathering all of my strength, I push up and shove him off of me. My feet hit the floor running and I reach the bathroom lunging towards the toilet to throw up. Fuck. That. Man. Seafood for breakfast. Just the thought of that has me throwing up.

Brushing my teeth after splashing some water on my face, I reach for my bathrobe. Wrapping that warmth around me while Deeds walks over and hands me my fluffy pink socks. When I’ve covered up my cold feet, he reaches for my face. Brushing his thumb along my bottom lip.

“So beautiful.” He murmurs.

Bet he’s trying to get back on my good side after making me puke. Gently reaching for some strands of my dirty blond hair that have fallen in my face, he tucks them behind my ear. Leaning in, he feathers a kiss on the corner of my mouth. Grabs my ass and says,

“Let’s go annoy those kids of ours, what do you say?”

Oh I like that idea. I flash him a grin and he spins around, reaches back and grabs my hand, leading the way into the kitchen.

The smell of bacon welcomes us and my belly grumbles. Food. Damn, puking to hungry in 2.5 seconds. I need food, like right this very second. Deeds reaches for a plate and starts to load it up. He turns and sets it in front of me while he hands me a fork. Smart man.

My little guy takes the seat next to me and steels a slice of bacon from my plate. I give him a dirty look while he flashes me a grin. Smart little man. Who can resist that?

After a few bites and my tummy now somewhat settled, my curiosity gets the better of me.

“Esmee. Why did you pull that little stunt this morning? What’s bugging you?”

She turns and her eyes are tiny little slits, glaring at me. I pull up my eyebrows in a ‘What?’ response since she looks and even acts just like me. That kid needs to realize I’m the one who invented that shit, it doesn’t impress me at all.

She turns her attention back at the stove but does begin to talk. “I want a piercing.”

What the hell? “No. I can tell you right now, that’s not gonna happen young lady.”

She spins around, torpedoes launching out of her nose while sniper lasers are aimed right between my eyes. “Says the mom with a face full of them.”

Fuck. Me. Touché.

“You watch your tone. I won’t have you speaking to your mother this way. Am I clear?” Deeds growls.

Her head falls and I can see she’s sorry. The warrior mask has left her face and regret is sneaking in. She takes a deep breath and her shoulders slump.

“Sorry mom. It’s just that Aunt Blue lets…”

“Oh no you don’t. It doesn’t matter if your cousin gets pierced or not. Besides, she’s two years older and a whole different person with different parents. Never compare..”

“It’s not that mom, really. It’s just that… Never mind, you’ve already made up your mind, right? What’s the freaking point? Forget I even asked.”

Now it’s my turn to take a deep breath. I glance towards Deeds and he clearly reads my question in the look I’m giving him. He shrugs his shoulders and lifts his eyebrows.

“Where did you want it, Esmee?” I ask in a neutral voice.

She turns off the stove while she answers me. “Eyebrow, mom.” She looks at me over her shoulder. “Just like you.” And gives me the sweetest of smiles.

Oh yeah. Did I not mention she’s a lot like me? Yeah, smart girl. My eyes find Deeds’ again. He’s grinning like a fool. Yeah, he’s thinking the same thing. Well, he can deal with this then.

“Ask your father.”

She turns around, bacon forgotten in the pan and turns all her attention to her father.

“Oh, daddy, please? You always say yes to anything I ask, please say yes, please?

Now I’m grinning since, yeah… She is daddy’s girl and although he’s a badass biker that even I have difficulties wrapping around my finger, she gets everything she asks for.

“Fine.” I hear him growl.

Her squeal could probably be heard for miles. She wraps her arms around his neck and hugs the shit out of him. Hearing a little snicker from beside me, I turn to look at my son. He has a huge grin splitting his face.

“What?” I ask my little man.

“I can have one too, right? ‘Cause if she’s getting one, then so can I. Uncle Zack has earrings in his wiener. Can I have one of those?”

The fork I was holding clatters against my plate as my eyes find Deeds’. I’m frozen. All these years being a mom. All these years growing up around bikers, rough dirty mouthed Alpha’s. This. This is the moment I pick to have no words. I can’t even begin…

“When you’re Esmee’s age, we’ll talk again, son. Right now, you’re too young. There are some rules that need to be followed. Even for us.”

Deeds looks at me and winks. Oh, how I love this man. He’s a lifesaver I tell you. Thank fuck parenting is a partnership.

Archer lifts his shoulders and says, “Okay, cool.” He looks around the table. “Do we have honey?”

Esmee walks to the table and adds more bacon to Archer’s plate and also puts a few pieces on Deeds’ plate.

“I just used the last of it.” She tells him.

I stand up from the table. “There’s a new one in the pantry. I’ll go get it sweetie.”

Walking out of the kitchen I make my way to it. Down the hall I open the door and step inside. Flipping the lights while walking to the shelves looking for the honey. I hear the door close and the snick of a lock. Shit. That can’t be good. Turning around to face the door, I see Deeds standing right there. So many years together and yet I still have no control of how my body reacts to him.

He slowly steps toward me while his eyes scan my body, from my face to my fluffy socks. They linger way too long on my belly before moving up to my tits. I cross my arms above my pregnant belly and push up my tits.

This feels like a flash back from the first time he fucked me in the gym. Oh, that was sooooo hot. I could still have an orgasm at just the memory of him fu….

“What are you thinking? I like the sounds coming from those sexy-as-fuck lips.”



He’s thinking the same thing. “What the fuck are you doing here? Deeds, was it?” I can’t hold back the grin and chuckle.

He rubs a hand over his mouth to hide his own smile. “Yeah, love, Deeds.” He steps closer and his chest bumps against my arms.

Smart man for not using a bullshit name like he did all those years ago. But history repeats and he takes my hands and pins them above my head. My back hits the shelves and groceries start to shake as I whimper thanks to the shelves that are poking into my back.

“Shit. Sorry, hotlips.” He releases my hands and I’m sure I’ve fucked up this moment. That is until he grabs my hips and spins me around.

“Put your fucking hands on the shelf and hold on.”

I brace myself as he pushes my back down a bit as he brings his muscled thigh between my legs to nudge them apart. Feeling one hand peel away my robe and nighty, he groans at the sight of my bare ass. He kneads it with one hand while still holding on to my hip with the other.

“You know, love, when I called for that sit-down all those years ago?”

I groan at the fact that he’s kneading and stroking my ass. He needs to get closer to my pussy. She’s the one that wants all of that attention. These freaking pregnancy hormones have me craving him twenty four seven.

“The moment you stood up against me, my cock jumped. Just by the sound of your voice. Sounds fucking crazy, but that’s when I knew.” His fingers finally stroke me between my legs. “Mine. So wet and ready. All this for me.”

I gasp when the next second he enters me in one stroke. Both hands on my hips, holding me still while he’s buried deep within me. I struggle to move my hips, trying to get the friction I want. Scratch that… need to get my release.

This moment, the reminder… I’m so close. I gasp for my next breath when his hand comes down on my ass.

“Not the one in charge, Hotlips. I am. Remember?”

“Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.”

He growls at my submission and I get the response I was hoping for. He starts to pump furiously. One hand on my hip pulling me off his cock, almost sliding out and then shooting back inside. Hard. Fire starts to burn when I feel his hand slide from my hip to my pregnant belly. Possessively.

His other hand slides over my back into my hair while he tangles his fist and grips hard. My breathes catch and almost sends me over the edge.

“Lift your feet up, second shelf. Now.”

Opening my eyes I try to find my balance while he’s still pumping hard inside of me. Putting my right foot on the second shelf from the floor. I open myself up for him to give him better access.

He shifts and angles his hips just the right way. I scream my release and it bounces off the walls of the pantry. Hot tingles prickle through my veins while my inner walls clamp down around him. He growls in my ear “Fucking love you. Dammit. I can’t hold off.”

“Give it to me, Deeds. Claim me like you did all those years ago. I loved you that very second and every second after that.”

His lips move down my neck and bite down on his favorite spot. The very spot I have his patch inked. He pushes himself deep inside me one last time then he stills over me. His arm is still wrapped around my waist as I feel the hot strokes shoot deep inside of me. The pumping of his cum leaving his cock flashes streams of electricity through my pussy. Igniting another orgasm.

I’m still catching my breath when I hear his heavy breathing switch to a chuckle.

“What?” I pant.

“Remember now,” He breathes next to my ear. “This…” He tries to push himself deeper inside of me.

Knowing what comes next. Or let’s say the repeat of all those years ago, I go fast forward.

“Nope. Still my pussycastle, dude.” While I push back.

He laughs but loses his balance and manages to grab hold to a shelf, making the damn thing tip. Bottles and cans start to fall to the floor. I lunge forward to save the honey, thank fuck.

There’s a knock at the door and a little voice. “Mom? Are you okay? Was it a monster? I heard you screaming all the way from the kitchen. Did daddy come slay the monster? I sure heard a lot of noise in there.”

Oh, God. How embarrassing.

“Yeah, son. Everything is okay.” Deeds replies.

He pulls down my robe. Turning I look into his heated eyes. His hand comes up and he strokes my cheek.

“More than okay.” He breathes. “Fucking perfect is more like it.”


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This scene is a work of fiction. Incidents, names, places, characters and other stuff mentioned in this book is the results of the author’s imagination. Flash Forward a “Deeds” Valentine Bonus Scene is a work of fiction. If there is any resemblance, it is entirely coincidental.